Healthy Moeung PPJ Winter Week 02

Hello Hello Hello. Turns out I thought status reports were for the term and not for the week. Or I think I did. Doesn’t matter cause I did work this week.

This week was pretty productive but also counter productive for me at the same time. 😦

This week, I UVed the last environments I made. I originally left it for Sally since she is faster at it than I am but she had a few more things added to her plate so I want to try and lighten her load.

In addition to the that, I considered an aesthetic change for our totems and to turn them into trees instead. It would create a visual cue for the player and create a fun challenge for our art side in terms of texturing instead. Unfortunately some current gameplay coding would not transfer over well so this will be stretch goal for late winter into spring. I will go back to the original idea of creating a totem out of stone for next week.

I finished the dragon model, although I wanted to be a little further than where I am now. I wanted to finish sculpting the dragon by Monday night, although being a day and a half behind isn’t so awful right now. I will be touching up the dragon and bringing it into zbrush tomorrow so he is in a nice spot.

Oh, I mentioned that this week was also a bit counterproductive. The reason being is chasing down everyone to make sure they have work and are on task is so time consuming and tedious. I understand now it’s a lot more stressful being a lead than a thought. Props to Riley and JJesh. I wanted to make sure everyone would be working on key aspects and if something is minor enough to put off, I would do it myself between my main work. Not sure what else to talk about.

– Draggo is almost done. He will be done this week!
– Animation Starts soon!

– A day behind where I want to be


  • Healthy Out.

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