Ricardo Yanofsky PPJ Winter Week 02

The main thing this week was revising the mocap data to see what we are missing, and what we want to reshoot. Almost all of the data had been processed at the end of last quarter, but we had some criticism of it that we want to take into account, but we needed to plan our next studio session more carefully. The main difference other than the change of actor (who is now Riley), is that he will wear some light armor over and under the mocap suit, in order to more accurately match the in game characters. The addition of weight and limitations to the movement should make for some interesting performances, I hope. Also kind of convenient that Riley’s hobby is making medieval armor for himself, we didn’t have to make too much effort for this to happen.

(Rob made a documentary about Riley’s hobby, if you’re curious)

Another thing I did while revising the existing data was to animate over (moframe) the sprint cycle to see if I could get better results without having to reshoot. Overall it was more time efficient, but there is enough data that we haven’t shot or want to reshoot to justify shooting everything again. If anything, this reassures that I can modify performances much easier than it is to reshoot, and I’ll probably end up doing it to the new data in one form or another. This sketchfab upload allows you switch between the unmodified data (take001), and the “moframe” one (take002).

Additionally, I refined a few of my models from winter break, at the request of Healthy. And the best movie I watched this week was Resident Evil: Retribution.


  • Exciting new mocap session this coming week.
  • More confident about moframe animation.


  • Still a lot of mocap work to go.
  • Mocap from last quarter going to waste?

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