Sally Im PPJ Winter Week 02

This week I worked on the dragon head and a texture guideline for our completed ruins. Healthy was hesitant with the dragon head so I retopologized and reshaped it based on the style and crits she gaves.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 8.53.10 PM.png


Most of my time went into the texture doc. I spent my time learning substance painter and fleshing out two styles to see which one would fit our aesthetic more. One was our original idea where it would look a lot like Zelda, which is a painted semi-realistic look. The other was a fully painted simplistic concept. Both ideas are possible if Healthy and I go into the base materials (which I also spent time this week building) and paint over it. If we stay on task, all materials for our ruins and islands should be complete week 10.

I put all the information into the doc so that the rest of our team will be able to texture their ruins and then continue working on their personal tasks. As of right now, I believe we are aiming for a hand painted style, but I do know that our semi-realistic look is a style we can fall back on if we’re unable to finish.


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