Josh Healy Winter Week 2 PPJ

Because my assignment for the Experimental Games class took a lot more than I expected it to, I wasn’t able to get in as much work on senior project as I wanted. Thankfully, once I settled back in to Unreal for the week, I finally started making some headway on a problem I’ve had for a while. As of now, the health/combat system can be finicky with when it wants to actually work. What it boils down to is that even though the projectiles are programmed to damage on collision, Unreal isn’t always noticing when objects collide. After banging my head against the wall for a while, I’m trying a different approach of when objects are overlapping instead (a different event in blueprints). I haven’t finished yet, but hopefully this’ll make everything work. I also did some more testing to confirm that the health system itself does indeed work.


Over the week I also spent a lot of time brainstorming with Kevin on how to make the islands move, which is still a problem after months of effort. We finally came up with a system which doesn’t need navmesh or really any type of pathfinding, and just relies on things we already know. The simple version of it is that Unreal will get the relative angle of your base to the position the island needs to move to. It’ll then shoot off at that angle a certain distance (unsure if Kevin decided the distance yet) and mark that point in space. Using that, we can lerp the island to that point, then to the point it’s supposed to connect to the base with. There’s some more complexities to this which Kevin went over in his post which prevent it from overlapping with other islands, but this should work and is simpler than arguing with navmesh.



  • Figured out some problems that were setting me back
  • Helped kevin with the island moving


  • Taking a longer time than anticipated for combat
  • Didn’t get to work quite as much as I thought I would this week

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