Riley Stewart Winter Term Wk2 PPJ

My task for now is to refine the cloud particle system I had made in summer quarter and implement it into our game. After thinking I had lost it for the last few weeks, I was able to find the backups of the files and continue work on those. While decent, there’s a few main issues with the system that need to be worked on before it can be implemented, primarily:

-Having the mass of particles to be emitted in the shape of a cloud; currently they emit in a box

-Improve performance; there is a slight frame rate drop when the clouds are active

-Improve particle texture; currently using placeholders

-Tweak particle movement; particles all move in the same way, need to randomize it a bit while still seeming natural

-Make individual sprites less apparent; while in the cloudbank, individual sprites tend to stand out as planes

In addition to fixing the clouds, I’ve spent the last week fixing my armor in order to be mo-capped in it. It was a bit out of commission over break due to repairs being needed, but since last week it’s been repaired to the point that it can be worn again. This will be needed for this week when we try to mocap new animations while wearing the armor.


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