Robert Fernandez PPJ Winter Week 02

The main things I had this week were to finish up my winter break models as well as go over the animations that we had gotten in the game last term.  Like Ricardo said we had gotten feed back from Dr. Wagner saying that we should look into mocapping someone while they are wearing armor.  We currently have a test fitting planned to happen after class on Tuesday, so that we’ll be able to see how everything will be set up.  We are also going to book the motion capture room for two nights in a row so Ricardo and I will be able to see the data from the first capture session so we’ll be able to know if we need to change anything before it’s too late.  Hopefully doing the motion capture this way will be able to provide more realistic results!   If you watch Fight Me IRL, my profile on Riley Stewart, I would love to know what you think!  It was the first short film that I directed, shot, and editted together.

But I made one and a half more ruins as well as finishing up the UVs on my 3 other models that I made over winter break. The first model is like an old ritutual area with a WIP crypt in the corner. (I really mean WIP, as soon as I got the base down I moved on to start another model. That will be updated this week while waiting to mocap.)

The 2nd model I started to work on is a ruined tower. I didn’t get far on this one because I had to do work on Advanced Animation from last term.


  • More things to mocap!  I can get more experience working with walk and run cycles.
  • Mocapping while wearing armor?!  Now that will look cool!


  • My motion capture work from last term won’t be in the game if all goes to plan, but that is also a good thing because I was able to learn so much last term and I’ll be able to use that knowledge to my advantage this time around.
  • I have a lot of classes this term, this sucks 😦
  • Finishing up my advanced animation so I’m going to focus more on that for a few days just so it’s done.

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