Ruben Guzman PPJ Winter Week 02

Boy was this last week a headache. Getting everything networked on for this game has been tough. For PPJ 01- – I stated that i restarted the entire monolith capturing system. This week I spent continuing that work.

The most major problem I was running into was being able to produce any outcome from the client. What does this mean? Well, I’ll explain. As the server (player 1), the player can go to an island and capture it by pressing the X button. Before capturing the island, text will appear that tells the player to press X to capture. Once captured, the text is removed, the monolith appears, and new text appears displaying the status of the island (captured). A major bug with the game was that the monolith would not appear on the other side ( client to server or server to client) when the island was being captured. All of this was not working on the client side. I stress the word was because it now is working. The client is able to capture his own island, the appropriate text displays, and the monolith appears on both client and server side.

My next job is to work on rebuilding the destruction of the monoliths along with the recapturing. This will hopefully be done by Friday, so I can work on fixing some other bugs this weekend. Another thing I would like to work on is the main menu.  I would like to add a lobby to the game so I can clean up some code with the team picking we already have.


Screenshot (237).png
Screenshot of the monolith working on server and client


  • A lot better at understanding unreal’s networking between client and server.
  • Finished a lot more of the the feature than I thought I would
  • We almost have the working game mode


  • This shouldn’t have had taken so long.
  • There is still a decent amount to get done to get the system working.



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