Team PPJ Winter Week 2

This week was an overall good week for the team. We spent a lot of time revising work from winter quarter and last week, and are setting a good pace for hitting the Beta deadline at the end of the quarter. The art team was mainly focused on fixing, UVing, and texturing earlier models, meaning they should begin making appearances in-game in the near future. Plans were also made for new motion capture sessions to get a more realistic pass for the rider animations.


The programmers also got a lot done this week. The biggest change was the dynamic island system. Our old method of pathfinding (using navmesh) was hardly working and a giant pain, so our new system complete strips the need for it. The new idea plots out vectors around the map based on location for the islands to move to in order to avoid other islands and lock in with the base. Visually this isn’t as clean as navmesh would have been, but it will work much better and can be polished later. Many bugs were fixed in the island capturing system and combat system as well.



  • Lots of work done
  • Keeping a good pace for the quarter


  • Figuring out new, better ways to program means scrapping a lot of old work
  • A lot still needs to be done for a fully playable game

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