Ricardo Yanofsky PPJ Winter Week 03

This week we finally got back in the mocap studio, which meant more data to clean and work with. On Tuesday we got together to see how we were going to combine Riley’s armor with the mocap suit. I was expecting to have to do something crafty like taping markers directly on the armor, but luckily the XL mocap suit fit over everything. The room wasn’t being used, and we were able to set it up fast enough to get some test footage, since the actual shoot was scheduled for Friday. It ended up working, and the new data gave me something to work on in the middle of the week. I am glad we did this because Riley is taller than the default blade solving skeleton, which I found out while cleaning the test footage, and was able to address for the actual shoot so it didn’t become an issue for a larger amount of data.

On Friday we has set aside more time and made a complete list of the clips we needed. One major issue we had was that the treadmill in the mocap room was missing the safety key and we were unable to get it to work, which was a shame since that was one of the major reasons we wanted to reshoot. Outside of that, the shoot went pretty well, and all the data ended up being usable.

Riley shows off his armor under the mocap suit

Afterwards, we cleaned the data, which was pretty simple, and started making clips for the game. I made one for aiming and shooting the bow using the test footage, which I don’t think we will put in the game because of the stance. We reshot it in the second shoot, where Riley is actually aiming forward. Still a decent example, and I split it up into 3 clips, so it could be implemented in the game, and the actual clips eventually replaced.

Additionally, I made one for the grapple animation. This is actually 2 clips that I blended together in MotionBuilder. I don’t like the performance in the first part (where he launches the grapple) but it was one we shot as test footage, and the better bits of performance had the footing opposite of the second clip. We will reshoot footage for that in the next mocap session, but for now we can see what it looks like in the game. The second clip was fun to shoot though, we had a long spear and I pulled Riley with it, and the footage ended up pretty well.

206 had a fly infestation this week, and we tallied our kills on the whiteboard, which was erased several times. Our scores were lost, but the important thing is that we won the war, with no dirty tricks*. Using only our hands, feet  and occasionally newspapers, we managed to kill over a dozen flies until there were no more. We are no longer being pestered by constant buzzing, and we aren’t being sued for war crimes by the flies. The best film I watched this week was a beautiful 35mm print of Hell’s Angels (1930), and outside of theaters I watched exclusively silent films, the best of which was A Cottage on Dartmoor (1929).

*flypaper and insecticides are outlawed under The Geneva Conventions.


  • The new footage is an improvement
  • Good mocap session
  • Already got pretty far with MotionBuilder work


  • The treadmill didn’t work
  • We still have to shoot more footage

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