Healthy Moeung PPJ Winter Week 03

Productive week. Not enough done.

I did keep on task and worked consistently but sporadically on the game. Unfortunately, I did underestimate the time it would take to both learn and bake normals. I decided to create normals in zbrush but I came across strange UV seam issue. I ended up baking the UVs in maya. It did a decent job. The only problem is that testing normals took a while due to the texture resolution I was aiming for. So now, instead of a 4K or even 2K map, it will only be a 1K map until I go in for polish in spring term. Normals did make a big difference. Here is the before and after normals.

Look at that fierce face. Dang, son! Anyways, the second step I took was texturing the dragon. I wanted a base texture that we could put in to get our style across. I spent a lot of my time learning substance painter, but now that I have that down I should be picking up the pace soon. I think I did a decent job for someone who is terrible at texturing… Although this is painting… I was able to add the color I wanted to the back plating like I wanted. The dragon skin itself is awful. I will be going back to that. I simply have to contour the dragon skin and add detailing. The plating took me about 3 hours and some change. I didn’t get a chance to go in with contrasting colors. The skin will definitely take me much longer but I will have time to finish it tomorrow so I am not concerned and I believe I am still on track.

– Dragon Model is almost done for the term!

– Pushed back Totems
– Hungry


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