Kevin Carlos PPJ Winter Week 3

This week was a worse week for me. I was unable to get as much work as I wanted to, as a mixture of multiple projects and some poor time management had come to bite me in the butt. However what work I was able to get done worked pretty well. The main progress I did came from working off of the new island movement system from last week, and developing it further. I made it so the islands move vertical first, which helps prevent island overlap. I was also able to get this version of the code to work on the client side.

Next, the main part I spent my time on this week was editing the current code which got the location where the floating islands would move. Before, the code would simply go through the array of transforms, getting the first in the array, and moving the island to that location regardless of the islands original location. Now, the islands move towards the closest transformation in the current tier of islands.newgetopenslotcode This works on the sever, but not on the client side. I believe this is due to problems with the capture code however. Testing this however, I also realized that the current code doesn’t allow for capturing enemy islands correctly, which will have to be corrected.



  • Work continues to progress on main game features.
  • Code for base island is cleaner


  • New problems with island capturing revealed
  • Not as much work done as I wanted
  • Networking issues

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