Riley Stewart Wk 3 Winter PPJ

So, mocapping went fairly well. Initially there was concern about how the suit would fit over the armor, but it ended up working out fairly well. The armor is custom made by myself to fit well with me so it wasn’t excessively bulky and we just had to go a size up on the suit. The animations we got out of them seem like they will work out well, though some may need improvement. The treadmill wasnt working so instead of running/walking in place i had to walk back and forth across the mocap stage to get it to work. Additionally, some animations such as the grapple pull were tough to do logistically. We tried having me grab a pole at one end and have ricardo yank the other end to make me lurch forward but that didnt turn out as well as we had planned.

In addition to the mocap shooting, I did a bit of work on the cloud particles, however the result wasnt as i had hopped (at all). My initial plan was to render out a series of cache images from a fluid sim in maya and have those emit from the particle emitter. First issue: I suck at maya fluids, as i learned the hard way last term in advanced anim. Second, I didnt know how to render out the cahce properly so i ended up making a bunch simple playblast renders of the fluid at various angles. I brought these into unreal and attempted to have the particles emit those textures. Doing so not only further hindered the performance rate, but just didnt have the right look. Seeing as our game texture style has also changed from a more realistic look to a more toony look, I think i’ll just end up making the textures for the clouds in photoshop and go from there.

Also, started a new job this week so there goes most my time.

Mocap is done(?)

Particles didnt work out
Even less time to work


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