Robert Fernandez PPJ Winter Week 3

This week went super well for me. We tested mocaping Riley while he was wearing his armor under his mocap suit and it turned out great. Ricardo and I got him set up on Tuesday to test what the data would be and it was actually cleaner than our previous takes! After this we decided to continue on with our shoots because of how successful the first day turned out so we reserved space on Thursday and Friday. As it turned out we didn’t end up using our Thursday time slot, but we were able to get everything shot on Friday (after kicking the VR club out of the mocap lab because they were using the entire space during my time). We found out that the Vicon muppet character that is used for motion capture solves didn’t work with Riley because of how tall he is. Ricardo figured out a way to solve that didn’t mess up with Riley’s height so that is a great thing to know.

While I haven’t started with the motion builder part yet because I have been extremely busy with my other classes, I at least brought in the walk/runs and saw how much better they look.  Sorry Kevin, you just weren’t cut out for the job. :/


Also have you ever wondered what a motion capture shoot is like?!  We record all of our motion capture sessions for reference for our demo reels, but it also serves as a look into the beginning of our animation pipeline!  Enjoy as we make Riley do a funny crab walk.


In other news I finally watched The General staring Buster Keaton and I must say that I loved the movie.  It was hilarious!  I’m really glad I’m taking my Film Comedy course this term because it gives me a nice break.  I really want to get a hamster and let it run around in a hamster ball around my living room when I’m home.  But are hamsters hard to take care of?  And what would I tell my parents when I come home from college with a new hamster…

Time for my favorite part..


  • Our new mocap footage turned out great (this might be because the motion capture cameras were moved around a bit over break which is helping a ton!)
  • The armor fit under the mocap suits so Rileys movement was restricted to create more realistic animations. 
  • My cache for my advanced animation final finished after running for four days straight.


  • SOMEONE LOST THE MAGNETIC KEY TO THE TREADMILL SO IT DOESN’T WORK.  As a work study student in the equipment room I will get this fixed ASAP!
  • My cache for my advanced animation final finished and is horribly broken so I’ll have to go back and re-cache it and hopefully it will work normally… 

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