Ruben Guzman PPJ Winter Week 03

This week was a little bit of a struggle. I was unable to work during the majority of the weekend which messed up my timeline a little. Although I didn’t get much work done during the weekend, I was still able to get most of what I wanted to get done during the week.

My plan for this week was to finish the monolith capturing and destruction systems. I also wanted to go into everyone’s code and clean/fix bugs so that we can have a more playable game version than we’ve had. All of this went pretty well. I was able to finish at least 90% of the capturing system. There is only 1 step I have left in order to totally finish this. I know what this and I already almost finished this addition but it has a few bugs that makes it useless for now. The destruction system is also almost done. I say almost because there is a bug I was unable to figure out this week that is crashing the game. Once this bug is fixed, the destruction system should work. But I predict some of this code will be thrown in the trash in the near future anyway. Last term, I asked Sally to create some animations of the monolith getting destroyed. These will come in handy because it will be easier to play an animation vs coding the destructible object. As for the bug fixes, one major bug of the top of my head I fixed was having to click into the game to control the characters at the start of the game (a bug that has been bothering some people for a while).

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  • I got a lot of my tasks done
  • My understanding of the networking system has gotten a lot better
  • Less bugs
  • Getting close to having a real playable beta


  • There are still some game breaking bugs
  • Time is winding down

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