Sally Im Winter Week 3 PPJ

This week was really productive compared to last week. I overestimated what was doable and could only finish a little over half of what I planned. Now that I’m used to my class schedule, I was able to complete all the tasks I was assigned so I’m feeling pretty good for the weeks ahead.



Now that we established that we’re going for a hand painted look for the game, I completed one of the tile able textures for the term. I had a little trouble earlier in the week with colors and the look, but I scrapped it and came up with a pretty decent outcome.It only took me roughly 2-3 hours for this one once I was satisfied with how it tiled.

In my spare time, I updated the website and I rigged the dragon so it should be ready for animating for next week. I also completed a more polished island base for the game, but I need to continue revising it once I see how the character moves on it in-game.

Overall it’s been a good week and from here on it’s mainly polish polish polish.



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