Team PPJ Winter Week 3

This week was very productive for the art team.  The new dragon model is almost done for the term!  The model was brought into Zbrush to create a normal map which gives the dragon a more realistic look.  It was also brought into substance painter to create a hand painted texture draft.  DragonTextured.png

The motion capture team also was able to recapture brand new, more realistic animations by having our new actor, Riley, wear all of his own armor underneath the black motion capture suit.  Doing this added restrictions to his movement that mimic the restrictions in game.  For examples of our new motion capture check out Ricardos PPJ.RileyArmorUnderMocap.jpg

Progress was also made withint the programming team this week.  The code for capturing islands and destroying monoliths is making strides forward.  There are only a few more bugs holding it back and then it will be good as gold!GameCodev01.png

The island movement code is also nearing completion of a complete overhaul from last term.  The new code allows for the island movement to be done in a simplier way that will allow both vertical and horizontal movement at the same time.  In addition when the islands are moving back to the main base they will now fill the closest empty spot in tier rather than filling up left to right as it did before.islandcode.png


  • New mocap data for better overall animations
  • Dragon model is nearing completion
  • Island movement revamp nearing completion


  • While the game is moving along fast now, there still is a lot to do to have our first completly stable playable build

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