Ricardo Yanofsky PPJ Winter Week 04

At the start of this week I already had plenty of new mocap data ready to be put on the character. Rob and I split up the clips somewhat evenly at the beginning of the week, which we should have been a little more careful about. He took both the run and walk cycles (which I was okay with at first) but I later noticed that many of my clips were fairly straightforward to work with in mobu. We are still using an earlier version of the character model, so I did not do a lot of animation on the fingers yet because the weight painting is different, and the newer model had some issues of it’s own. After working on it I realized that some of my clips are going to be less straightforward in their implementation in the game, a role I will take on, since I suspect the process will be a lot of adjustments on both the Mobu and Unreal side of things. Anyway, here are the clips that are most complete, in their “first-pass” form, and as they will soon be in the game.

We can finally replace that awful idle that’s in the game now. This one will probably be adjusted to have more time between head turns.

Not sure how this will be implemented, or if it will be in the game at all. It was fun to hit Riley during the mocap session though.

The top half of this animation will be the aim pose, and face the direction that the player is aiming. Strafing and walking backwards will be done the same way, but haven’t been shot.

Another one that will be tricky.

Some of my teammates commented that some of these clips should be different, and it may be harder to make small changes than to shoot a new performance. This coming week I will mostly work in Unreal implementing these, until the mocap session we have planned on Friday. The best movie I watched this week was Eric Rohmer’s La Collectionneuse.


  • A lot of mocap clips exported.


  • Expecting tough times in implementing them.
  • Making big adjustments to them is not easy.

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