Kevin Carlos – PPJ Winter Week 4

This week has pretty well. Once I realized last week that we had no code for moving a captured island back to its neutral position, I spent the first part of my week doing that. Once I created that code, I had to spend some time trying to integrate it into Ruben’s monolith destruction code. This was the longest part of my week, as I wasn’t too familiar with the way Ruben made his code, and I accidentally broke some stuff trying to integrate it. Eventually, I was able to get a version of the game integrated, where player’s can now capture neutral islands and have them move to their base, and then destroy enemy monoliths and have them go back to their neutral position. However, this is still partially broken on my side, as calling the capture/returning to neutral multiple times on the same island can make the game crash.

Code of the ReturnToOrigin function that tells the island where to go and clears the slot it was taking in the base island.



Code to lerp island driver from its current location to its original.



A good amount of time was also spent this week working with Josh on working on the the networking and shooting of the rider arrows, as well as working on the Dragon UI and health systems. Good progress has been made in doing damage back and forth between the networked teams.



  • Base island movement code for capturing and returning has been finished
  • Island movement mostly worked into the the capturing/recapturing system
  • Progress has been made on online combat and dragon health


  • Lot of time was spent trying to integrate island movement and capturing together.
  • Major bug still remains with island movement. A lot of time must be put into this.

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