Riley Stewart Winter Wk4 PPJ

I’ve gotten a solid base done for the cloud particles that is ready to be implemented. So far I’ve improved the shape of the particles, the ability to make the emitters modular with each other, the spawning of the particles, and the overall performance. cloud1.jpgStarting off, the shape is more ovular, as opposed to spawning in a square plane. Additionally the particles all spawn at once immediately from the start, as opposed to having to fade in. Additionally, multiple emitters can be clumped together to make larger and denser clouds easily.cloud2.jpgThe performance is also improved, with the emitters initially spawning over 5000 particles, but i was able to drop each one down to 100 each. There is virtually no drop in performance when outside of the cloud (the photo above is 50 emitters clumped together). However, once the player is inside of the cloud performance is affected depending on the density of the cloud. With a small amount of emitters, the fps drop isn’t noticeable, no greater than 5 fps. However, when closely compacted the fps dropped up to 20 point when walking into the 50-emitter clump. Fortunately, the player will ideally never be within the range of more than a few emitters at a time so this hopefully wont be too much of an issue.cloud3.jpgI still need to do a bit of work on the textures and the visibility through them could be improved a bit, however it’s currently at a usable level and will need to be tested in game. Once it’s been tweaked properly, the plan is to write a simple script to randomly generate cloud clusters to float across the map.

Pros: Clouds are at a usable state
Cons: still need to improve overall shape, textures, and material settings.

Time: 10hr


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