Robert Fernandez PPJ Winter Week 04

This week like the past has been extremely busy for me.  It’s been so hard to find time to do all of my work because of all the classes I have.  I have had writing assignments and lots of articles to read.  Besides that I started going through our motion capture and I started working on a loop-able walking animation which will be implemented into the game for next week.  There are still some things wrong with this but I will be able to finish those quickly.  I also plan on getting the running done as well as a few other clips.  Sorry about the knife hands, I don’t want to curl the fingers until I know that the rest of the animations will have the same amount of curl so it’s all even across the board.

When I went to add motion capture to the newest model we have I ran into a funny mistake with something I did in motion builder.  Ricardo is going to show me a fix for it later this week so we’ll be able to continue without having the head freak out.BrokenRigOhNo.PNG

I also added the press kit to our home page which I’m currently hosting off of my personal website because we don’t own a domain for our website.  I added placeholder text for a few bits.

I also started on the marketing side of the project.  I created a Twitter account, Google account which will be for the team YouTube, and will be working on the Facebook page in the upcoming days.

I am going to work non stop this week though so I can get all the mocap assigned to me into the game.


We have our press kit almost up and running!


I don’t have a lot of time.

Ruben went to the hospital this week.


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