Ruben Guzman PPJ Winter Week 04

Well, this was one tough week. Not only because of the work done but because I was in the hospital this weekend but that’s not the story for this PPJ.  We’ve been implementing a lot of code which means a lot of confusion, breaking of the game, and bugs. Most of this week I spent working on the capturing system that broke once the island movement system was implemented. Like I predicted last week, most of the code would probably be scraped the future of our game. I guess this week was the future. I completed the capturing system and the destruction system for the monoliths (excluding the health system of these because I’m waiting on animations for this system to be completed). I was also able to complete the hold x system that I didn’t complete last week.

I also spent a decent amount of time trying to fix some bugs in game. Sadly the major one in our game right now, was not fixed. A few are holding us back from having a real playable game but hopefully this can be exterminated by next week.

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  • Finished the capturing/recapturing system
  • Finished about 95% of destruction system
  • cleaned some bugs


  • Was hospitalized
  • Some major bugs still exist in our game
  • One week to get ride of these bugs

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