Team PPJ Winter Week 4

This was a pretty good week for the team. There was a lot of time spent on game mechanics and bugs to get ready for the week 5 deadline, and a lot of new art is almost ready to be implemented. The programming team managed to work on a few things, and got a lot done. Rider projectiles and health are nearly complete, and now just need death/respawning added to be complete. There are many bugs with the island capturing and movement, but a lot of work was done to fix these, and many aspects of capturing islands now works.


The art team also got a lot done. A lot of animations were taken from mocap and cleaned up for the game. We also now have the draft of our poster, part of our cloud particles, and textures for models. Unfortunately, there were a few setbacks so not everything could be finished. Grass has still not be successfully pushed to P4V, so it still usually shows up as black.



  • Lots of bugs fixed
  • New/refined art for the game


  • Some setbacks with art
  • There are still many bugs that need to be fixed before next week.

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