Joshua Healy – Week 5 PPJ

This week was pretty good in terms of bug fixes. I fixed part of the old flying bug, implemented riley’s fire particle, but the big job I did this week was fixing the grapple. A problem that it’s had for a while is that it doesn’t follow objects that are moving. It’s still a little buggy for moving islands, but now the grapple will follow the dragon if you shoot it. It also works so that if you grapple to the dragon, you’ll automatically start riding him at the end of the grapple. I had hoped to get the riding animation in, but at least I was able to offset the aiming animations to line up better.



  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Grapple upgraded
  • Can charge bow
  • New Implementations


  • Always more bugs
  • Not as many animations implemented as I hoped

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