Kevin Carlos Week 05

This week was painful. This week we as a team had the goal of getting our first playable for this Tuesday. This meant lots of bug fixing and art integration across the board. This included a lot of stuff including fixing the dragon UI and health, adding damage to the dragon, and fixing lots of bugs, and integrating a lot of art.

Some of the main things I had to spend time on was helping the art team integrate new stuff, such as setting up the new dragon, and implementing some animations for the dragon and human.dragoncapture


I also spent a good amount of time in the map itself, adding particle effects and new models made by artists into the main map.




  • Lots of bugs fixed, including island teleportation and monolith destruction
  • Lots of new art assets integrated
  • First playable


  • What is sleep?
  • Some art wasn’t integrated easily. This will need to be rectified for future pushes.
  • Time was spent doing redundant code working on problems solved by other coders



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