Ricardo Yanofsky PPJ Winter Week 05

I started the week testing and adjusting the animations I had finished the week before. Most of the animations I worked on are not standard like walk/run cycles, and therefore are trickier to implement in the game. Even though they are set motion capture clips, they require additional blending and solving in order to be properly integrated in the game. For example, the aiming animation has to face in the direction that the player is aiming, and the feet must be the same. For many of the animations, I was unable to properly test because the code for that is not in place, and the programming team had higher priority task this week. Additionally, I was able to take good notes in preparation for the next mocap shoot.

Later in the week we had another mocap session with Riley in armor. We were able to get the treadmill to work and we did a long take of Riley walking and running while the treadmill speeds up gradually. Additionally I realized that if we were going to have an animation for walking while aiming, there should also be ones for walking backwards and strafing, so we shot that as well. We were also able to shoot a more accurate dragon ride idle, now that we know what the rider looks like while on the dragon. With that we also shot a clip for mounting the dragon which I am optimistic about it actually working in the game, albeit with some major tuning. I also tried making a new version of the grapple animation with the new data, but I wasn’t able to get it where I wanted. 

The best movie I watched this week was Carl E. Brown’s The Red Thread. Although I am tempted to say the “best” (as opposed to “favorite”) was Jean Luc Godard’s Film Socialisme, but that was much too dense to get much out of a first viewing, and it did not have the visceral and alchemic qualities of The Red Thread.  


  • Added more animations to the game
  • Collected more mocap data


  • Bad data on the hands
  • Animations are

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