Robert Fernandez PPJ Winter Week 5


This week I focused physically all of my time on the game.  Last Friday we did another motion capture session which was mainly focused on getting new walk and run cycles using the treadmill.  We tried doing this at the other re-shoot which happened last Tuesday but the safety magnet was missing.  Luckily Nick showed me where to get a magnet powerful enough to activate the switch.  The motion capture sessions went really smooth and the animations came out great.  I then spent basically the rest of the week cleaning up and getting the animations in MotionBuilder, and then implemented the new run and walk into the game.  Below is the newest run animation that is in the game.

In addition to getting the animations ready for the game I also implemented them on the character in engine.  I also got the newest dragon animations into the engine and started setting up the animation blueprint and the blend spaces for the animations which I then gave to Kevin to finish.

I also started playing RuneScape again and even though I did I had my most productive work week yet this term!  I gained two Invention levels and two Farming levels.  Those 99s are coming up quick.


  • Completed the first beta pass run and walk cycles
  • Spent all my time working on the game


  • Didn’t get a lot of my other homework done last week because all my time went towards the project
  • Have to go back to all the motion capture animations and animate the fingers into a fist



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