Ruben Guzman PPJ Winter Week 05

Oh boy. This week, was a very long week. I went through a lot of the code, found bugs, fixed them, made more, fixed those, and created a whole lot of new functions in the game. Some of the new functions added into the game this last week are respawning of the dragon and rider, main menu theme song, and new animations for the capturing and destruction of islands. Along with the new animations came the health system for the monoliths which (for now) can only be destroyed with fire balls from the opposing dragon. 2017-02-07_02-14-52_converted

Another thing that has been implemented into the game is a server browser. In the server browser menu the client player can search for and see all the servers that are open and join. In progress is a lobby for the host and clients so that they can choose their team colors and start the match at the same time. screenshot-1


  • Lots of progress done on the game
  • capture/destruction of monoliths w/ animations
  • bug fixes
  • respawn is in the game
  • health is in the game for players and monoliths
  • we can have a full playthrough of the game


  • Bug fixes
  • Going to be helping art and programming team to get more tasks done more quickly

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