Sally Im Winter PPJ 5

I’ve been a little bit more productive this week. I spent most of the week integrating the art assets into the game. I’ve mostly focused on making sure I can get as much art in the game before play testing begins. I created a tree, island base, dragon textures, and modified the dragon rig as I received feedback from the animator. I’ve also made a quick monolith breaking animation in Houdini which according to my team looks “very cool”.

They’re a good start, but I’m not super happy with the quality of work I’ve been producing. Although I’ve added in more art assets and overall the week has been productive I feel like it’s also slightly regressive as I will end up redoing some of the models before the end of beta. Hopefully we’ll see how things so by the end of this week, so I can get back on track with focusing on creating quality art.


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