Team PPJ – Winter Week 5

This week for the team was very productive.  We worked toward and achieved our first real playable build.  The art team worked on implementing all the art and animations they had up until this point.  This included the new dragon, some temporary animations which will continue to get refined, and more environment art.  dragonSPROJ.pngtexturedSPROJ.jpgfireballSPROJ.jpg

The programming team worked on getting the new animation blueprints working for both the dragon and the new animations for the rider.  Grappling was fixed so you can now grapple to dragons to automatically mount them.  A new fireball particle was also implemented.  Finally a new server browser was added into the game so it is very easy to browserSPROJ.pngdragonSPROJ2.png


  • First playable
  • New dragon in game
  • New art and animations implemented


  • Currently we can’t play our game on DragonFly3 because all of our computers connect to different number routers so we have to play on one of our personal routers.
  • Still some bugs in the game

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