Ricardo Yanofsky PPJ Winter Week 06

No mocap shoot this week, but plenty of data to work with. I spend a good amount of time testing the animations in the game. I was able to improve the bow and arrow animation blueprint so that the pull animation plays, though there is still an issue where it doesn’t reset when the player stops aiming.

I made 4 walk cycles for walking while aiming (forward, backwards, and left/right strafe) and made a blendspace for them in the game. After that I was unable to properly implement it in the game, since I am not the one who made the character controller. Additionally, I realized that diagonal walking would greatly improve the blendspace, and I will be shooting those clips this coming week.

I lengthened the idle so he doesn’t constantly turn his head, and it’s in the game now.

here are the 4 walk cycles for the aim walk/strafe system, I am planning on shooting diagonal walks too, in order to get a really smooth blendspace.

I made several variations of the grapple animation, but I’m still not entirely satisfied. I might do some re-shoots, but I need to see it in the game first. These two are probably going to be used for testing.

The best movie I saw this week was Ο Θίασος (θόδωρος αγγελόπουλος 1975).


  • Improvements to animation blueprints
  • New mocap clips exported


  • The bad data on  the hands was annoying to work with.
  • I still haven’t seen the grapple animation in the game.

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