Healthy Moeung PPJ Winter Week 06

Day 147: It’s dark and cold here where I am.Of course, I should also note that  it is late at night and windy. I’m working another night of animation!

Since our presentation, I’ve been working really hard on the Dragon animations. I’m nitpicking and fussing over a lot of it, so it’s going a little slower than I would like. I was supposed to have met Mauriello on Thursday but due to snow, it was postponed. That’s okay though, I’m going back to other animations and I can see what I should be changing.

I was able to finish the block in for walk, fly, idle, fly idle, attack on land, and attack flying.
I’m in the middle of turning animations for both land and flying.
I recently added death and take damage animations to my list for the dragon since I forgot about those. A barrel roll or a dive will be added later as well.
I think I’m supposed to finish these by Friday. Or at least nail the timing down. Which is doable…

I will be seeing Mauriello on Wednesday. I’m tired. I will see you next week.


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