Kevin Carlos PPJ Winter Week 06

Like the rest of the team, this week as a little slower than before, particularly due to Character Animation 2, but a lot of good work was still done. I spent majority of my time this week both fixing up art assets and trying to fix some bugs we weren’t able to fix for the first playable last week.

Primarily this includes fixing the end UI menu so the UI displays on both the client and the server, reflects the correct score, correct winner, and allows for the players to either quit the game or go to the main menu.

I also tackled the problem we were having of the dragons moving too fast for their fire projectiles. After looking at some different ways to solve this, I decided that the best way to solve it was to add the dragon’s non-rotated velocity to the base forward velocity of the fireball.

Lastly, and what I spent most of my time on, was I began the process of populating the moving islands with grass. Pat was having some trouble with this, which is why I was working on this instead of him. This was a long, annoying process as I had to individually place and duplicate hundreds of small, grass static meshes over the island blue printGrassCapture.PNG


  • More Bugs fixed
  • Game more playable


  • Need to redesign whole map to encourage more player combat.
  • Wasn’t able to look at adjusting the player’s arrow projectile velocity yet.



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