Robert Fernandez PPJ Winter Week 06

After our midterm presentation last week I decided to take a small break to catch up on all the other homework I didn’t do to.  The good news is I finished all that homework.  Then I went back to cleaning up the motion capture run and walk cycles.  I also experimented with adding more exaggeration into the movement just for personal practice.  I’ve started research on setting up an IK system on our main characters for us when riding the dragons.  Since the dragons moves so much hand keying all those frames would take so long and would not be worth it if we could figure out a quicker way to do it.

This Wednesday we have another motion capture shoot planned to get some more refined aiming animations for Ricardo to work with.  We also are going to capture melee animations which I’m really looking forward to working with and blending together with the walk and run animations.

I’ve also started the process that everybody hates… the job search!  Wish me luck as I enter the true adulthood.


  • Did some messing around and got used to making mocap data more exaggerated.
  • Upcoming mocap shoot planned.


  • Didn’t start on the rider animations like I wanted to because the dragon is currently getting a few parts of its body reshaped.

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