Ruben Guzman PPJ Winter Week 06

After all the hours put in last week, I decided to take a slower approach to this week. That’s not to say I didn’t do any work because I still did get work done.

This weeks tasks for me were slightly randomized because I need work from the artists to get done before I can start my next tasks ex. the dragon controller. But for now I was able to get some bugs in the main menu taken care of, some new menu options, a lobby for the players, and the team dragons now have a different color texture based on the team they are on.

For the new menu options, this included adding new blueprints for advanced game sessions. This means the player is now able to enter the name of their server and the amount of teams they want to allow via the new menu options. Once they start hosting the game, the server player is placed into a lobby to wait for the remaining teams. The lobby will hopefully lead into more options.

The lobby is in the project but not placed into the game(it slows down testing too much). Im hoping that after the players are placed into the lobby, we can add team color selection and map selection. After all players are ready the players will spawn into the map and the game will start.

All in all, I’d say this week was a successful “break” week for me and I hope I’m more prepared to handle this coming week, which will probably be tough since I’m taking on the dragon controller.

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  • Able to get a lobby finished
  • New server options
  • Team colors are different now
  • Our team meeting was possibly the most productive it has been in weeks


  • We have a lot to catch up on
  • This following week will probably be hell

One thought on “Ruben Guzman PPJ Winter Week 06

  1. Oh man, stick with me for a second here.
    What if your lobby was a sort of dragon stable. You can have your dragons chained up in a sort of dungeon Game of Thrones style ( and then players can feed their dragons before taking off. Totally optional mini-game/task, but it would be really cool and help the users bond with their dragon friends.


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