Team PPJ Winter Week 6

This week was a little slow for the team as we recovered from the pre-beta deadline, as well as faced all our other midterms. However, that didn’t stop us from getting work done! We met after the presentation and set up what we need to get done for the beta deadline, and how we plan to do it.

The art team this week took a break from the motion capture studio, and used that time to dig in to the pile of capture data we have. New and old animations are being cleaned up to start polishing the game for the beta. The artists have also been refining existing models in the game, and creating new animations for our dragon.

The programming team focused on expanding features in the game. Our networking is now much more user friendly, giving them more options. Soon it will put them in a lobby while they wait for other players. The rider and dragon are also being worked on, in hopes of having new mechanics in over the next few weeks. The game also has a few nice new bug fixes, and Pat’s grass is now on the moving islands.


The lobby is just an island for waiting(could be improved)

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