Healthy Moeung PPJ Winter Week 07

Woah, it’s week 7? Well that’s a shocker.

This week is all animation. I think I’m dying. I am having difficulty getting the animations the way I would like them to be. Well not difficulty, more like, I need more time or more of me. I didn’t slack but I didn’t get far. I’m nitpicky to the point where I know I have to stop on something and start the rest. I am getting my animations all blocked in. Hopefully I’ll get the dragon fully blocked out by Thursday, late Friday night the latest. From there, I should be in a good spot to make the realism we’ve been missing come through. Although that’s not to say it’s missing, but rather not yet added in.

Part of me feels as if I’m not fast enough to get the dragon done. I do feel slightly overwhelmed. I don’t think my group knows how much time it takes to at least try to get the dragon to look decent, much less realistic. I originally planned to have the dragon blocked in a week and a half, maybe two weeks. More animations came up with a higher level of difficulty. I don’t mind the challenge but it is quite daunting considering how two turns just ate up 20+ hours of my week. I’m either going to have to pick up the pace or settle to finish the dragon animation this term, and the character mounts the first half of next term. Which I think might have to happen to get a pretty good dragon feel. But I think if I spend twenty hours on one animation per twenty total animations, I’ll have four hundred hours of animation, acceptable animations for beta, an insanity right under my belt (it’s a joke. the harder animations are about 20 hours. The more simpler ones will probably take around 10 hours. I’m not sure how long but they will get done!).

I finally figured out how to add the missing weight of the blocked animations.

I’m hurting.
Not enough me to animate.
Help. (but I’ll get it done.)


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