Kevin Carlos PPJ Winter Week 07

This week was a good week of work. There were a few main goals I wanted to accomplish for improving the play-ability of our game. First, after our midterm WIP, we decided that there were way too many islands for the current amount of teams, 2 teams total, so I spent time designing a new map for that is specifically for 2 teams. This new map has a total of 7 islands rather than 15 like in the original map. While I did not get to making it, a 3 team map is being designed with 10 islands, and the 15 island map will be used for 4 teams. 2v2Map.PNG

Once I did this, I tested a lot of game play to make sure it worked, and moved to fixing a lot of bugs/adding new features which improved game play.

First, I added some code which changed the play rate of the timeline movement depending on the X distance of the islands. Now all islands move at a better pace.


Next, and what I spend majority of my time on this week, was getting the velocity of the arrows to work on the islands when they are moving. The problem here was that the arrows were being spawned by the bow, but did not have the offset velocity of the islands when they were spawned, making them very inaccurate on the moving islands. I had to look into several different ways of handling this, from trying to calculate the velocity of the islands and setting them as an offset, as well as messing with player velocity. End Result was setting the spawned arrow as a child of the island driver that was moving. This has caused some minor UI bugs, but these can be fixed later.

I also hot fixed a lot of other bugs in the game, primarily having to due with problems with the Client rider damage, grapple, and health as the way other programmers set some of this up did not work correctly and had to be patched.

Lastly, I have begun the process of writing up our Swift Funding application. We believe we could put a lot of this money to good use, as we are very short on controllers and we currently need a router for testing.


  • More and more bugs continue to be squashed
  • Island Movement now much better
  • Combat on islands now work
  • New Map


  • Too much time was spent bug fixing, wasn’t able to get to other tasks I wanted to do
  • No 3 team map
  • Swift Application not done



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