Ricardo Yanofsky PPJ Winter Week 07

We did our mocap shoot early in the week, which was good since I was able to start working with the data sooner. We shot a couple things to improve the current systems. The first of which was with the bow, having Riley shoot and immediately restring rather than dropping his arms. I got some good results, but that also means I have to make new adjustments to the old aim and shoot animations, and the blueprints will have to be adjusted as well.

shooting multiple times without dropping arms

an early start to combining the old animations with the new ones.

Previously I had made 4 cycles for aiming and walking, and when putting them in the game I realized that the diagonal walks were also needed, so we shot that too. The first thing I did after cleaning was to make 4 more cycles, which I then imported  into the game and made a blendspace for the character, which you can see in action here:

Unfortunately I was unable to integrate it properly into the game (I tried!), and since I am unfamiliar with our character controller, hopefully I one of the programmers will have time to help me this coming week. I am slightly afraid that when actually put into action, it will look terrible, and I am expecting to make more adjustments to the animations once I can test it properly.

Additionally, we shot data for a melee system that will potentially be in the game. Ideally it would be a 3 strike combo, but we also shot a few takes of single attacks in case. It is possible that this data will not be used at all, so I will work on everything else until some form of it is implemented in the game.

DISCLAIMER: this is extremely rough, I mostly put it here to show that the data exists.

This week was a rare case that I liked a short film over any features I watched. The best film I watched this week (and one of the best of this year) was Necrology by Standish Lawder.


  • New Mocap Data
  • Blendspace is smooth


  • Blendspace still not working in the game.
  • Some new Data may not be in the game ever

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