Robert Fernandez PPJ Winter Week 07

I did not get as much done this week as I planned.  I set up the motion capture system on Wednesday night for Ricardo and Riley and then had to leave for class so it was the first motion capture shoot that I wasn’t entirely apart of.  I did however clean up half of the data that came from the shoot and it was all pretty good.  Since we had talked about a melee system I cleaned up some single melee attacks as well as blocks with the sword.  At this point I don’t know if it will be implemented since we are all behind but one can hope, right?

I started fresh on our walk cycle since the current one now does not match our run.  I didn’t get far enough along to where I could implement it in the game but I expect to have it in the game by at least Thursday.  I also worked with Healthy on getting her dragon animations all sliced up perfectly into sections and then implemented into the game for Ruben.  We ran into a few problems because this is the first time we’ve ever dealt with specific banking and turning of a character in game development.

This week in RuneScape… well it was Double Experience weekend!  Two weeks ago I posted how I gained a few levels in Invention and Farming, well now both are at the max level of 99!  I also trained my Thieving up to level 96 from level 87.


  • New motion capture
  • Working on a new walking cycle, it should blend and be more like the run
  • Working on fixing up the run, right now there is a little slip to the right which breaks the loop if viewed at the right angle.


  • A little behind on motion capture implementation
  • Didn’t start on the new rider animations yet

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