Sally Im PPJ Winter Week 07

This week I worked on finalizing the Rider character, yeah it’s a bit late… There are some major improvements compared to the previous model and with our posters becoming finalized soon, I wanted to make sure our characters were as close to the final state as possible so I spent roughly 20 hours on it.

There is still some details that need to be added here and there as well as some armor pieces, but so far it’s looking a lot nicer and I’ll make some adjustments based on the feedback. I’ve also been working a lot faster lately now that I finished up my freelancing side projects and decided to be more antisocial…than I usually am.

Now that the rider is generally finished, I can finally make the final touches to the dragon. The dragon is gonna be a lot easier to reshape since only minor changes will be made. I’m pretty confident that that can be finished with the textures before the end of the week and I can help out on the environment art side.


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