Ricardo Yanofsky PPJ Winter Week 08

Coming off of a productive week, I was ready for another good week. Unfortunately, despite the amount I put in, I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had hoped. I ended up doing basically one thing, but I got it to a very good state. At the end of last week, I had started on the new animations for the bow, which are a combination of new and old clips that would change it so that the players do not drop their arms between each shot. I spent much more time than anticipated in combining the animations, but I was able to get a clean sequence from start to finish. I experimented with a lot of features I had not used before in MotionBuilder, and I can say the results were successful, and I learned some new things about the software.

Once that was done, I had to implement it in Unreal. The animation blueprint was already there, but I had to change it to fit the new logic. That part was not too much trouble, but the animations were not blending nicely. I had cut up the animation clips so that they all start and end on the same pose, which I thought would allow me to get really smooth blending in Unreal, but it was not the case. Unreal’s animation transitions are not adjustable visually like with Unity, so it took a lot of trial and error to get them to look right. I also tried to adjust state machine to reset when the player stops aiming, but had no success. However, later in the week Josh may have stumbled into a way to do it while making the melee system.

Speaking of which, I also had to make some animation clips for Josh to test the melee system. I did not spend time correcting the mocap, just adding data to the character and exporting the data. Tedious but necessary. It seems like the melee system will be in the game, which will give me plenty to do, and I look forward to working with those clips.

The best movie I watched this week was another Rohmer film, Claire’s Knee, although I very much enjoyed the Empire Pictures triple feature.


  • Aim/Shoot/Restring state machine is pretty complete
  • Current issues shouldn’t be hard to fix.


  • Too much time spent on everything
  • Aim and walk blendspace is still not working.

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