Robert Fernandez PPJ Winter Week 08

This past week was very productive for me, except I did not get as much done as I wanted…  I started reworking my the walk cycle because the current one now does not match the running since the walk was done without a treadmill and the run was done on the treadmill.  I spent a good few hours on the first walk cycle but then realized that the feet movement was totally off and it was just a lot easier to go back and choose a different part of the clip instead of the one I had originally picked.  Below is the first revamp that I started to work on.  It is really rough because, well, I decided not to use it.

The animation below this one is the one I’m currently working on.  There are still a lot of jumps but I’ll be able to get it finished.

So this has been a great week for me but there is now one downfall.  I won’t be in Philadelphia for the rest of the week because tomorrow I’m leaving for San Francisco to go to GDC 2017!!!!  My hotel room has a desk so I’ll still be able to get my current walk/run cycles done as well as the data that I think will be coming from a shoot this upcoming Wednesday.

Talking about GDC now… One of my goals is to meet up with a lot of game devs who love motion capture so I can try to make connections in case I ever run into problems that I can’t find the answers to.  Plus it would be awesome to meet professional mocap animatiors because its just such a cool thing to do.  Look for lots GDC photos in my next PPJ.

Anyway, now to my weekly RuneScape progress.  I got 99 thieving!


  • I’m going to GDC this week!
  • Finally found a walk cycle I can work with


  • I’m going to GDC this week 😦  I don’t know much work I’ll be able to get done
  • I didn’t get to finish the walk cycles before I left for GDC because I ran into a lot of problems with the data and mobu.

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