Healthy Moeung PPJ Winter Week 08

This week was similar to last week. ANIMATION! The dragon is looking decent. I don’t really know how to show the animation without uploading them to sketchfab, but I honestly should be using my time more productively than uploading revision after revision to share with the world. My team and advisor sees the updates and I think that’s enough.

Last week, I mentioned we added more animations. I’m working the fastest I can. I think the best way I can show my progress is to show a chart of what I’ve accomplished. Lower the number the higher the importance. I’m trying to block them out with timing. Um… I’m making more progress than last week. I’m only a little faster.


Ruben and I discussed my animation. We decided to change it, but later just keep my old animations and add two new ones. So now there are two take offs, two landings, ascending and descending that was added this week. Flame throwers, damage, dying, and the roll(maybe the roll will get scrapped) were added last week. Oh, Landing v_04 is done for now… And one or two of the take offs should be done by the time I meet with my advisor in the morning. I think that’s the update this week. I was mostly working to make the transition animations look okay. They’ll get done and in a decent spot for beta.

What else… What else… I also helped with the poster some. I don’t know how helpful I was but who cares, right? I hated the poster. It turned out decent but I hated how my group communicated with it. It got done though is all that matters.

Working faster

It’s taking a while and I’m losing patience.
I’ve not a good feeling about things.

This post is indeed bitter. No particular reason. Just irritated is all.


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