Joshua Healy Winter Week 8 PPJ

This week was pretty productive, although things still aren’t where I’d like them to be. Other than some bug fixes, my main focus was the combat system. A little while ago we decided that our game needs to have a melee feature. It pushes the rider as a more interesting character to play as, and encourages more conflict between the teams. While it’s still far from done, I managed to get the basics of it in to the game.

Right now the magic sword is just a log jutting from the rider’s hand, and there are still a few bugs and a lot more that needs to go in to it to make it balanced and fun. However, as of now the rider can go in attack, going up to a 3 hit combo. In the future this needs to include animations for returning to idle, and a tiny stun for getting hit. It should also have a knockback for getting hit by the full combo, to encourage people to use it more. Right now we need to re-record the melee animations now that we know they’re in the game, as right now they aren’t too polished, and the swings completely miss directly in front of the player.



New Melee system in

Figured out animation bug


Lots more work to do to make this workable

Still haven’t put in grapple animations, which I had planned a while ago


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