Kevin Carlos Winter Week 8 PPJ

This week had some decent progress, but not as much as I wanted. The majority of my time was spent on the new 3 team map. This is for when we have 3 computers connected, making a 2v2v2 game scenario. This map has a total of 10 islands, and correctly spawns each time in their location. Still need to do some minor adjustments, such as putting in 3rd teams texture, and changing color of weapons of the riders.3teammap

The other part of this week I worked mostly on was the SWIFT application. I finished the Narrative, Executive Summary, and the planned Schedule for this application so far.  As we are in need of funding for equipment and possible applications for game conferences/competitions, I wanted to us to try and get the 500$ from the SWIFT grant. I have filled out most of what is necessary, but I still need to have Lloyd and Prof. Wagner look it over.

I also attempted to do some play testing with members outside of the team, but lack of equipment (i.e Router) cut the play testing sessions short

Lastly, I went to town on some minor bugs. The 2nd team rider character finally has the texture change, the UI bug with the text prompts when the player enters the monolith trigger has been fixed, and the player’s arrows now take into account the dragon velocity when fired while riding. There were some other minor bugs I want to fix, such as friendly arrows being destroyed by the dragon and dragon auto-landing on islands, but was unable to due to the DragonBp being checked out for revamping.




  • New Map is in the game and connected
  • We might be getting money/equipment soon
  • Minor bug fixes all around


  • Wasn’t able to get to all the bug fixes I wanted to
  • I still haven’t gotten to the island avoidance script I’ve been wanting to make
  • Unable to properly play test game yet.
  • Some feature creeping has been happening on coding side. As long as it doesn’t take away from time for fixing existing game, I’ll be fine with it, but is has me concerned.

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