Riley Stewart WK 8 Winter PPJW

Still working on the buildings. I’ve been really uninspired these last few weeks and just haven’t been thinking of anything good. However, I got rolling on an idea that I’m working with now. The idea is a really large walled gatehouse ripped in half by the separating islands, with each half destroyed on separate islands. It’ll add a bit of contingency to the designs, but each one will still be unique on it’s own. It won’t have much of an impact gameplay wise, but it’ll add a little more depth to the design of the world. Right now I’m finishing up the base mesh, and then I’ll duplicate it and rip apart each one individually to give each one a unique destroyed look. Once i get that done I have to rework some particle effects, so i’ll talk about that next week.


Pros: Got stuff done

Cons: Not all the way done.



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