Sally Im PPJ Winter Week 8

This week was a rather productive week overall. Last week I finished the character and this week I made refinements to the dragon so it’d look more terrifying and polished. Due to the unexpected deadline of the poster I was strapped for time in helping out the environmental side which I originally wanted to do. I think the poster came out pretty nice considering the amount of time I spent on it. I realized early in my life that I didn’t like graphic design that much and I didn’t want to pursue it but in the end I had to do it to finish the poster.


On the right is the logo on our poster and the left is is an idea of what our logo could look like for our trailer. It still needs work but, it’s a nice start for now to avoid making it look flat and boring.

I’m trying really hard to keep the momentum I have and so far I haven’t burned out yet.

So far so good.

By the way have y’all seen ‘Get Out’? You should get on that, that movie is really good.


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