Team PPJ Winter Week 8

This week was a good production week for the team. On the coding side, we worked a lot on the playability of the game. After taking a back seat to other features, the dragon controls are finally getting some TLC, and have already improved greatly. Flying with the dragon is more intuitive, and features new animations that feel much more natural than a helicopter. The map also went through some changes to prepare for the separate 3 team game mode. The Rider also got some attention, and has the beginnings of a melee system. As of now, the combat just looks like beating the other rider with a giant log, but in the weeks to come will be much more polished. As always, lots of work on bugs too!


We also accomplished a lot on the art side. New buildings and islands are in the works to make the map feel more interesting to play in, as well as cleanup on some animations. This week we also needed a poster, and although there were issues communicating effectively while making it, the poster came out fantastic!



Lots of work done this week

Clearly identifiable game changes


Oh god it’s week 8. We have such little time.

The dreaded feature creep is upon us


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