Healthy Moeung PPJ Winter Week 09

Hello, hello, hello.

This week, I animated so much, I’m just tired of the dragon. I really do wish I could throw progress videos up here but I can’t. I can’t throw it on youtube or anything either since I honestly just spend hour after hour animating a dragon I’ve done a lot more since last week. Something new I did this week that was new were human animations. There are some things that can’t be mocaped so I helped out with that. Here is a list of my animations as of now. The two in progresses are also blocked as well. All animations with a 4 will not be implemented for beta unless if i get the rest in first.

.Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.53.48 AM.png

The list keeps growing and growing, don’t it? It was all nice quaint and cute. Look at the monstrosity now. #helpme

REALLY Close to done. I can taste my faux freedome.

They need polish for next term and I don’t wanna touch the dragon anymore. Lemme do something else D:


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