Kevin Carlos – Week 9 W PPJ

If Hell exists, a week like this one is probably one of its circles. This week didn’t start off too bad, as I was able to partition my time enough and work on the island avoidance system, but the crunch time became very real as we finished getting the project together for our most recent WIP. This is a result of many part of the game being rushed to be put into the game to reach the beta deadline, and some of these parts not being fully integrated with one another, causing major issues.

But first, on the task I spent most of my time on this week, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to have the islands avoid other floating islands as they lerp to their destination. As it was before, islands would simply ignore other floating islands and phase through them to reach their destination. This is because for a while the islands have not used nav mesh navigation, but instead used the point lerping code I developed several weeks ago. This works, but does not take into account perfectly if other islands are in the way or not, so I had to begin writing my own avoidance code. So what I did was create some sensors on the islandDriverBPs, which detect if an island is in front or behind the moving island. If it is blocked, it then detects if its right or left side is blocked, lerps to the open side, then continues its original path. This is far from perfect, and does not go over every scenario I want, but it is something and  more than what was there before.


(new IslandBPDriver, roughly twice as big as before).

Once that was at an ok point, I worked with Matt to begin integrating the new islands into the game. I had to specifically do this because the way islands were set up, Matt would have to modify blueprint instead of just throwing islands in. I was able to get several island variations into the 2v2 map and the 3 team map without any major issues. These new island variations add some new verticallity to the maps, and should provide some interesting gameplay changes for the dragon and rider.


Lastly, I had to spend a good amount of time simply bug fixing and putting out fires as they came up. This includes some errors with damaging self/teammates, camera fixes, client respawning/texture issues, and client riding issues. Some of these were fixed and other were simply adjusted. I also recorded some new mocap which was pretty fun.


  • Work continues to be done at ok pace
  • New islands into game
  • More bugs crushed


  • Game not at point I wanted it to be for this WIP
  • Still waiting on Sproj Funding
  • Another WIP Another All Nighter

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